COMING SOON: THE IMPORTANCE OF LANDING PAGES    There’s an irony to the name landing pages, because they’re usually used when a brand is taking off! Landing pages can be used for multiple purposes, but one of the more prominent uses of a landing page is for a coming soon page for a website. Here’s why it’s important to create and publish a landing page to act as a “coming soon” page while you’re building a full website.   It Buys [...]

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BLOGCEPTION: The Importance of Blogs

BLOG INCEPTION: A BLOG ABOUT BLOGS Why is it so important to have a blog on your website?   At ocreations, when working with a client who needs a website developed, we always recommend creating a blog section. People often think blogs are unnecessary, and ask questions like “who really reads this anyways?” It’s actually more important than you may think.   SEO Google has turned the web world into a (fair) game. Websites that have content posted or updated [...]

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