COMING SOON: THE IMPORTANCE OF LANDING PAGES    There’s an irony to the name landing pages, because they’re usually used when a brand is taking off! Landing pages can be used for multiple purposes, but one of the more prominent uses of a landing page is for a coming soon page for a website. Here’s why it’s important to create and publish a landing page to act as a “coming soon” page while you’re building a full website.   It Buys [...]

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UX in Graphic Design

UX IN GRAPHIC DESIGN   UX design, or user experience design, is a rapidly growing career path in the creative industry. Although UX design jobs are very different from graphic design jobs, it is important that each understands and utilizes the other’s methods during every project. It is highly important that graphic designers not only design something that is visually appealing, but something that is also functionally appealing. Here are some things that UX designers do that graphic designers should [...]

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Color-Tural Context: Color Perceptions Across Various Cultures

COLOR-TURAL CONTEXT: COLOR PERCEPTIONS ACROSS VARIOUS CULTURES   When studying color for advertising or design courses, we’re always given the basics, and often just the basics for our own culture. However, when working with clients on an international level, it is important to understand various cultures and their interpretations of colors.   The infographic below illustrates 84 different feelings, and the colors that represent each across 10 different cultures. It is worth it to really study these and understand how [...]

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Give Your LinkedIn Page A Makeover

GIVE YOUR LINKEDIN PAGE A MAKEOVER One of the best social tools for businesses and professionals is LinkedIn. If you want to get as many significant connections as possible and grow your business, it’s important that your LinkedIn is top-notch. If you think your company LinkedIn page is in need of a makeover, check out our tips on how to make your page stand out among the rest.   1. Make sure everything is updated (profile picture, contact info, etc.) Does [...]

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Subliminal Messaging in Logos

SUBLIMINAL MESSAGING IN LOGOS What makes a brand unique? The logo or icon it associates itself with. Something that can make a logo unique is designing a subliminal message into the logo.   WHAT IS A SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE? It’s basically a hidden message within a logo. If you look closely at certain logos, you may notice it’s more than what meets the eye at a first glance. If your brand’s logo has subliminal messaging, it demonstrates that your brand is [...]

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