Open up our eyes and ears to get to know our clients

We can’t work with you until we get to know you and understand your business. Tell us about your business; tell us about your competition; tell us about your customers! Yes, we do our homework, but you live and breathe the business and you will know things our research won’t turn up. You know your products better than anyone else. Share the unique aspects, the most important selling points, and anything else you want your customers to know…we’ll put a creative spin on it and our marketing will make your business soar!

Research, Plan and Brainstorm

We do our homework. We learn what you’ve done, we learn what has worked in the past, and what hasn’t. We learn what your competitors are doing and what your customers want to see. Once we know what has worked and what your customers want, be begin to plan and brainstorm. What is the best medium to get your message across? What is the best message? What is the best graphic or image? How can we best help to grow your business exponentially?

We come together as a creative team to brainstorm and determine the best approach to your marketing!

Abstract Thinking, Come up with original concepts

Once we have a plan, our designers get to work. It is here that the magic happens! Our design team takes the brainstorming session and turns it into a visual concept. We map out ideas and create options to discuss with you about the best approach for your brand image. You will see different versions of the concept we have worked up in order to select the one that is right for your business. We make suggestions based on our research and our knowledge of design, but in the end, it is your product and your clients.

Next Level Design Solutions

We have worked with your marketing team to select the correct approach to your advertising strategy. And now, we make it happen. Our talented team of designers, programmers, and writers provide conceptual boards for you to approve and select. Again, you are involved in as much of the process as you want to be. Our design team works up the images, message, and features that you have requested. Before it goes to production or live on the web, you have the opportunity to view it one more time.

Generate production and programming solutions

Our team and your team agree on the final product. Now we move into production or we go live. We work with reliable vendors to get the best quality product for our customers! We make sure that everything is exactly as you have requested. We handle any problems or make any last-minute changes. You do not have any worries that everything will not be exactly as you wanted. We are the consummate professionals, and so are our vendors!

Evaluate the projects success

Once the marketing has been available we evaluate it’s success. Has the traffic to your website increased? Are you receiving more inquiries into your products? Have your sales increased? Has business improved? Are more people mentioning your marketing when they contact you?