Project Description

Logo & Branding by ocreations in Pittsburgh

Technology can be a game changer, something that a Texas-based real-estate appraisal company knew all too well when they developed digital appraisal equipment that was much more accurate and affordable than traditional methods. And, it was a sense of urgency that drove the company to seek out the help of ocreations in quickly taking their new product to market.

Because of the technology’s unique application, the appraisal company made the decision to establish the digital offering as a new branch of their existing company. As such, they needed to create a brand, inclusive of a company name and logo. Ocreations understood the company’s sense of urgency, but also helped the company leaders understand the importance of putting effort into the brand-building process to ensure a timeless and proper representation of the company for years to come.

The Accumeasure brand was born with a logo designed to stand out in the traditional real estate appraisal world by incorporating elements that had the look and feel of digital technology. As part of the logo development process, the ocreations team worked within the client’s tight timeline, presenting several logo options for consideration before the final design was chosen.

Ocreations understands well the importance of a strong brand and the urgent needs of new business owners. Time and again, they deliver high-end design that fits your budget.