Project Description

Logo & Branding by ocreations in Pittsburgh

Versatility in the events industry is key to success. The Boiler Room, created by the Boilermakers Local 154 served as an entertainment venue for weddings, retirement parties, and social gatherings. They wanted to branch out to be able to accommodate the many new local bands and their fans. They had the space, the bar, and the acoustics . . . all they needed was a logo.

The team at ocreations was able to create an extension of their current branding using the existing logo they designed and give it that urban edge to draw the attention of the club scene groupies and rocker crowds. The versatility of their venue and image has led to many bookings and future success as a music venue.

Versatility in the graphic design and marketing industry is also key to success and the team at ocreations will customize design and strategy to meet your needs, across the widest variety of industries, products, and services.