Project Description

Logo & Branding by ocreations in Pittsburgh

What’s in a brand? Actually, quite a bit more than Pittsburgh area general contractor, Brian Ripley, ever realized. At the helm of a third-generation construction business, the owner relied heavily on word of mouth and a reputation for stellar work to fuel his construction business. It was only when he was began working with ocreations on the renovation of their new office that he truly learned how powerful brand marketing can be.

Ripley originally asked ocreations to help him create some new business cards. His was a brand that had been around for a long time and seemed to be “good enough” for his needs. But, in working closely with the ocreations time on the renovation project, he came to learn from them the true power of a strong brand. He agreed to let them revitalize his look with a new logo and a revamped web site for Brian Ripley Construction Services. Both served to elevate the level of professionalism that his company conveys, while also giving his company a more current and relevant feel. These elements, along with strong search engine optimization (SEO) were critical for linking him with home and commercial property owners who were searching online for contractor services.

The results were eye-opening for Ripley. After his web site launched, there was a noticeable spike in inquiries from those who had found him as part of a web search – folks who extended far beyond his usual circle of referral business. In his words, “I didn’t realize how much business I had been missing out on by not paying attention to my brand.”

Don’t miss out on your chance to be seen and heard in your market. Contact the creative team at ocreations for brand development and marketing that will lead to greater results. For high-end design that fits your budget, look no further than ocreations.