Project Description

Logo & Branding by ocreations in Pittsburgh

The sky is the limit! At least that’s what the owner of new business, Drone Division, LLC discovered as he established his new business of using drone technology to capture aerial photography and video footage for customers that ranged from real estate agents to television sports broadcasters and construction site owners. His was a diverse audience and he needed to create a brand that would resonate with everyone.

Drone Division enlisted ocreations to develop a brand for his new enterprise, starting with logo development. His goals were clear – he wanted something modern and technology-oriented that directly reflected his drone services. To give him the unique image he desired, the creative gurus at ocreations developed a custom illustration that looked just like one of the drones the business was using on some of its high-profile jobs. This custom illustration became the centerpiece of the Drone Division logo that was subsequently used to develop the company’s web site and other custom marketing materials.

Ocreations can help your company soar with brand identity, logo and website elements that will become the centerpiece of your marketing efforts. Pittsburgh-based ocreations is the creative agency that is committed to providing high-end design that will fit your budget.