Project Description

Logo & Branding by ocreations in Pittsburgh

In a world of franchised fast-food brands that are recognized by their logo alone, two New York entrepreneurs faced the challenge of building a brand behind their new Pittsburgh fast-food concept: Liam’s Fish, Wings & Things.

With a restaurant name inspired by the son of one of the owners, also named Liam, the duo turned to ocreations for a brand logo that had a high-end feel. While they weren’t sure precisely what they wanted, they were clear on what they did not want: a logo that appeared “cartoonish.”

Ocreations principal and lead designer Jesse Mader went to work on concept development, but it was one particular idea that he couldn’t get out of his mind. During the initial creative consultation, Jesse imagined an illustration of a young boy – much like the owner’s son Liam – fishing. Although it had the potential to be construed as “cartoonish,” Jesse felt so strongly about his inspiration that he created the illustrated image to include with the rest of the more traditional concepts that were submitted for consideration. And, even though it appeared to go against their creative direction, the restaurant owners instantly fell in love with the illustration. Given Jesse’s breadth of experience and design expertise, he was able to take the client down a path that they had not even considered in order to achieve success.

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