Project Description

Logo & Branding by ocreations in Pittsburgh

When a small-town financial institution decided to change its name, and eschew the stodgy image often associated with the banking industry, they knew just who they needed to drive the creative efforts behind their new identity.

Ocreations was called upon when Meadville Credit Union in Meadville, Pa. changed their name to ONE Federal Credit Union. Given the industry’s track record of frequent buy-outs and mergers, the leadership team at ONE wanted to make it clear to their customers that this was not more of the same, but rather an identity shift. With that in mind, the slogan, “This is a makeover, not a takeover,” was born as a means of easing any worries that customers might harbor about whether they would be dealing with the same financial institution and the personnel they had come to trust.

The leadership team at ONE also had distinct ideas about what they wanted their new brand to convey. Fun and originality needed to be woven into the formal and conservative image that had been a significant component of the bank’s image to-date. That said, they were striving to maintain an image that was professional, high-end, trustworthy and modern.

Ocreations went to work and created a high-end brand that fit within the scope of the Credit Union’s limited marketing budget. In addition to a new logo, signs, print ads and commercial videos, the creative agency also developed a branding standards guide that would be used across all four ONE locations and with outside vendors to ensure brand consistency.

If it’s a unique makeover and a grand entrance that you’re striving for, then it’s the creative geniuses at ocreations who can make that happen. Their custom approach ensures that your company’s brand will match its personality. Call on them for high-end design that fits your budget.