Project Description

PLBSE – Alvin Kamara Cereal Box Package Design by ocreations in Pittsburgh

Client: PLB Sports & Entertainment (PLBSE) & Alvin Kamara

PLB Sports & Entertainment is a sports and entertainment promotional product company based in Pittsburgh, PA. For over 20 years, PLB Sports & Entertainment has worked with some of the world’s greatest athletes, entertainers, and brands to create premier lines of athlete-endorsed quality food products delivered right to their customers’ doorsteps.


Project & Goal:

Design a cereal box package for professional athlete, Alvin Kamara, that portrays his affinity for New Orleans culture, as well as The Children’s Bureau of New Orleans.



ocreations TEAMS UP with PLB Sports & Entertainment and Alvin Kamara.
ocreations is proud to have partnered with the Alvin Kamara team to launch Kamara’s King Crunch Cereal! The ocreations team developed the Kamara’s King Crunch brand, which included the creative concept, cereal name, logo, creative illustration/design, and final graphic production.
Alvin desired a cereal concept that embodied the spirit and essence of New Orleans’ culture, with vibrant colors and a positive energy that felt like a Mardi Gras celebration. He also requested that an entire panel of the box be dedicated to the Children’s Bureau of New Orleans. A portion of proceeds are donated with every box purchase.
ocreations VP Jesse Mader has a deep love for the city of New Orleans, and he roots for the Saints over the Steelers… so he was willing and ready to quarterback the ocreations team across the goal line for this very fulfilling project.
The campaign has been a HUGE success in the Crescent City, and has exceeded sales expectations both in stores and online.

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