Project Description

Logo & Branding by ocreations in Pittsburgh

Branding is the effort of combining an organization’s best features and putting them into one image. The combination of those benefits is what makes the image and identity unique.

When ocreations started working with new non-profit Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team (PAART), it was a challenge combining the main elements of dogs and airplanes to create a unique logo for the group. After getting to know the founders, they created a hand-illustrated cartoon that really got people thinking about what the organization was all about. The new logo showed the fun-loving and die-hard personality of the organization, but also presented the important message of the need for rescue missions to save animals.

Several years later and several hundred dogs saved, PAART and ocreations are still partnering on marketing strategy, social media and branding. And, both are keeping their fun-loving and die-hard attitudes in everything they do.