Project Description

Logo & Branding by ocreations in Pittsburgh

Sometimes the “creatives” aren’t the only ones with awesome creative ideas. When Rock, Paper, Scizzors salon opened for business, they wanted to create a high-end logo that appealed to their target customer – kids! The salon owners had a very distinct idea and a clear vision of what they wanted their logo to look like. They simply needed a professional design firm like ocreations to bring their idea to life.

At their initial meeting with ocreations, the salon owners shared their ideas, even bringing along some of their own simple sketches and photos to properly convey what they wanted to achieve. Ocreations took the time to discuss the client’s sketches in depth and ask questions to truly understand the goals. From there, they went to work, developing several logo options that matched the vision that had been shared with them. The result was a logo that was high-end, professional and a bit whimsical. Just perfect for this kid-friendly business!

As branding and logo development experts, the team at ocreations can also bring your vision to life. They are in the business of building brands that drive business success.