Project Description

Wolf Consulting Website

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Client: Wolf Consulting

Wolf Consulting is the Pittsburgh-based technology solutions company. It is the region’s trusted leader in computer support and cloud services for small and mid-size businesses.


Project & Goal:

  • Re-design the existing Wolf Consulting website using the comply with the new brand refresh.
  • Create a website that has interactive elements and motion
  • Modernize and simplify the existing site
  • Design a website that is user-friendly



After working on the Wolf brand refresh in 2019, the ocreations team designed the new website with the refreshed brand in mind. Our team simplified the design and the number of pages for a more user-friendly experience. Our team also incorporated more motion into the site by utilizing features like parallax background images, and elements popping in from the sides as users scroll. The site is formatted for all devices (desktop, tablet, mobile), and is responsive. The new site truly reflects the new brand style.

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