Glen’s Custard Outdoor Signage


Glens Custard and GC Grill Logo Designs by ocreations

ocreations loves Glen’s Custard and GC Grill! Over the past few years we have really enjoyed working with this business and creating an entirely new logo and brand identity for them. We have designed their website, pint packaging, shirts, signs, new GC Grill brand, and so much more! It has been so well received that they are now a franchise.


Glens Custard Website Design by ocreations


Glen’s Custard Pint Package Design by ocreation

We are so excited to share this new photo of the new giant illuminated outdoor sign at one of the Glen’s locations. We are thrilled for the success they are experiencing and are grateful that we get to be a part of this journey!


Glen’s Custard and GC Grill outdoor signage