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The Superheroes Believe in Miracles charity was founded by Amy Faltot eight years ago when her son was hospitalized for four months at the UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. During that time she was constantly impressed and inspired by the determination and positive attitude of the many pediatric patients in the hospital, and wanted to give back to those children.
Faltot began her charity by sending birthday gifts to children with chronic mental and physical illnesses. As the charity picked up more recognition, the number of gifts the charity donated each month grew exponentially. In an effort to raise more funds (and ultimately increase the number of children the charity could give gifts to), Faltot came up with the idea to create a calendar that featured children with chronic illnesses dressed up as superheroes.
The Superheroes Believe in Miracles charity came to the Design Studio program at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2018 to work with Professor Shawn O’Mara and his students to design and develop the calendar, posters, video and event. The project was super successful, and created a positive buzz in the Pittsburgh community.
Shawn O’Mara, President of ocreations, continued to stay in contact with Amy Faltot, the founder of the charity, even after the Art Institute closed its doors. Despite the Art Institute going out of business, O’Mara and Faltot wanted the calendar project to continue.
This year Shawn O’Mara offered to donate design again, bringing together his creative team at ocreations to bring the project to life.
Superheroes Believe in Miracles also partnered with Carrie On Communication as a press and media partner. Carrie On Communication helped publicize this story, which was picked up by a variety of local news outlets, including:


Despite a second year in a global pandemic, the Superheroes Believe in Miracles charity was able to design a calendar and raise funding for a charity that brings so much joy to the children in the calendar, their families, and the community — all with the help of ocreations and Carrie On Communication.
ocreations is proud to have been the design partner for the Superheroes Believe in Miracles 2022 calendar, and looks forward to donating more design with the foundation for years to come.


We are still looking for companies or individuals to purchase 1 or larger amounts of calendars to help this amazing cause.



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