The National Aviary’s summer campaign for 2019 is “Living Dinosaurs.” It focuses on the idea that birds are living descendants of dinosaurs. For this campaign, the National Aviary collaborated with ocreations to bring “Living Dinosaurs” to life! ocreations led the design creative behind the campaign’s materials, from web & print ads, to interior exhibit signage, and even a fun cardboard cutout photo-op for visitors.

Learn more about what the National Aviary has to offer this summer, in an excerpt below:

This Summer Only! Experience birds in an exciting new way– as the living descendants of dinosaurs! Explore independently, or join our daily tour to see birds up-close and learn about the distinguishing traits that birds and dinosaurs share. See real dinosaur fossils, touchable replicas, life-sized pterosaur sculptures, and realistic dinosaur models. Snap a photo with a velociraptor; meet a feathered baby T-Rex; and fly like a pterosaur through Jurassic times with a full body flight simulator. Kids can have hands-on fun with a fossil puzzle, costumes, life-sized play nests, dig pits, games, crafts, and a reading nook.

The National Aviary’s large walk-through habitats create an immersive experience unlike any other – an intimate interaction between visitors and free-flying birds, including opportunities to hand feed and meet many species from all over the world!

This was a unique project for ocreations. Our team could not have done it without the amazing direction, dedication, and collaborative hard work from the National Aviary. Thank you to the marketing team at the National Aviary. As always, you are a pleasure to work with!

The exhibit is outstanding in person. But, in the meantime, check out the photos from our visit to the National Aviary. And, for more information on the National Aviary or the Living Dinosaurs summer campaign, visit aviary.org.