The most recent member of the ocreations team, Laura Smith, graduated from Duquesne University in May of 2017. A year after graduation, the Duquesne University Media Department reached out to Laura to get an alumni testimonial of her experience at Duquesne University, and where her path at Duquesne led her to a year post-graduation.

Laura was a student in ocreations President Shawn O’Mara’s “Graphic Design Process” course in the fall of 2016. She excelled in this course, which led her to attaining an internship with ocreations for her final semester at Duquesne. The ocreations team gave Laura a true hands-on experience with real clients. Her logical mindset, well-rounded communication skills, and her artistic eye are what prompted the ocreations team to ask Laura to stay on the team ever since. She worked her way up from intern, to freelancer, to official employee in less than a year’s time.

“A year later, I still learn something new every single day, and work with some of the most talented, driven creatives I’ve ever met. They inspire me to work hard every day and express my creativity in a way that can be applied to practically any type of company or industry. I’ve worked with small start-ups to large corporations, automotive companies to businesses in the healthcare industry, and single clients to a full team of clients. I wear a lot of different ‘hats’ everyday, and I’m thankful to have learned how to be versatile this early in my post-grad life.” -Laura, ocreations

Shawn O’Mara looks forward to teaching the students at Duquesne each year. Thank you to Duquesne University, and especially the Duquesne University Media Department for reaching out to Laura for a testimonial! Learn more about Laura’s experience at Duquesne by reading her full testimonial here.