Ocreations Designs Cereal Box for JuJu Smith-Schuster


Earlier this summer, ocreations teamed up with PLB Sports & Entertainment, Giant Eagle, and Cardinal Agency, LLC, to design a cereal box for pro-football player, JuJu Smith-Schuster. The cereal name? Jumpin’ JuJu’s Crunch.

With extensive package design experience, working with other food and health clients like Ready Nutrition, Pasta Too, Glen’s Custard, Chocolate Fusion, and more, the ocreations design team was up for the challenge to design a cereal box for one of the nation’s current top wide receivers.

The full project process was seamless. ocreations collaborated with PLBSE and the Los Angeles-based agency, Cardinal Agency, to brainstorm a name for the cereal, and to visually bring the concept to life.  ocreations designer Laura Smith was the lead designer and coordinator on the project. The front panel design incorporates a unique outer space, “Astroworld,” gamer illustration theme. Once the front panel was complete, ocreations designed the rest of the panels. The side panel highlights information about JuJu’s foundation, “The JuJu Foundation.” Proceeds from cereal box purchases will go towards the JuJu Foundation. The back panel includes a crossword puzzle, as well as polaroid style images of Team JuJu and the Smith-Schuster squad. As fans of JuJu, team ocreations knew it would be important to incorporate an illustration of Boujee, JuJu’s French bulldog, onto the back panel as well.

jumpin juju cereal box mockup



Not only did ocreations design the cereal box for Jumpin’ JuJus, but our team also designed an influencer box, as well as a matching promotional bowl and spoon set. The influencer boxes were distributed to a number of JuJu’s friends, teammates, and celebrities across the country.



jumpin juju influencers


After the cereal box and influencer materials went to print, PLB and Giant Eagle also began to gather content for the various video and photo material for social and TV spots. In late July, ocreations was asked to be a part of the video shoot for the Giant Eagle commercial. At the shoot, ocreations got to help behind-the-scenes in making sure the content was acquired without a hitch. Check out some of the videos and photos our team was able to get from our behind-the-scenes view.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video from PLBSE:



Check out some of the videos and photos team ocreations got while at the shoot:


The new cereal box has been a major hit on social media, with JuJu sharing on his social accounts, fan accounts spreading the word, as well as multiple influencers sharing their complimentary influencer boxes to promote the new, limited-edition product. Jumpin’ JuJus Crunch will even have an appearance during the first Monday Night football game of Pittsburgh’s 2020-2021 season!

juju social post jumpin jujus

Support the JuJu Foundation, and purchase your exclusive box of Jumpin’ JuJu’s Crunch at Giant Eagle, or plbse.com.

Ocreations is beyond thrilled to have been a part of this project. Or, as JuJu would say, “It’s litty.”

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