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Recently a blog writer from the team at Creative Market reached out to ocreations President Shawn O’Mara while writing a new post for the Creative Market’s blog. The blogger was writing a piece with tips and information on how to start a graphic design business in 2020. With all of Shawn’s experience in the design world, on top of his experience owning a graphic design business, he was eager to share his advice.
Read the featured excerpt below:

Shawn O’Mara, president of ocreations, a boutique graphic design studio founded in 2007, understands what it takes to grow (along with having a trusted business partner as a vital component). He recommends the following Top Ten list of actionable tips that can get you there faster:

  • Don’t quit your day job. It is fine to have another job even if it is not in the industry. Keep that job, and save some money while you build your graphic design client base.
  • Get a good accountant and follow the rules. It will allow you to sleep better at night.
  • Develop a solid business plan and set goals. Keep the goals attainable.
  • Design a solid brand and website for yourself. Clients will not trust you with their brand if your brand is not good.
  • Focus on your talents. If you are good at publication design, really push that service to assure success.
  • Keep your prices low/fair, at first. The money will come as the clients increase.
  • Network with other industry pros to expand your service offerings (like printers and photographers).
  • Learn how to estimate jobs: Remember to factor in research, coordination, three concepts, and two rounds of revisions into your costs.
  • Let everyone know what you do. Use social media to spread the word. Everyone is a potential client!
  • Be creative and have fun!

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ocreations was thrilled to have been featured in Creative Market’s blog.

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