The Duquesne University Media Department offers students courses to prepare them for careers in the media industry. With courses ranging from subjects such as photography, ethics, media law, copywriting, visual design and layout, giving students a well-rounded set of skills to succeed in the media industry.

Duquesne University Media department recently released a video highlighting one of its areas of focus – graphic design. The video was filmed, edited and produced by Media Department student Emalee Sekely.

Watch the video here.

In the video, ocreations and President Shawn O’Mara are featured. ocreations President, Shawn O’Mara teaches a course at Duquesne, “The Graphic Design Process.” In the video, he explains the details of the course. Throughout the semester, students learn what the design process is, and how to utilize the process in a variety of design projects. There are three main projects in the class:

1. A branding project. Students learn how to bring a logo to life. The project process starts with sketches, and then turning those into digital thumbnails, and eventually applying a finalized logo to a variety of branding materials into a presentation.

2. A publication design project. Students learn how to lay out a small publication. The project process begins with organization and order of content, to sketches of sample spreads, to creating the digital piece. It helps students understand the design process, as well as how to organize a multifaceted project, and how to set up a print file and work with a print vendor to create a tangible final piece.

3. A campaign project. Students create an advertising campaign for a brand of their choosing. This project process begins with general brainstorming of the campaign (message, audience, goals, etc.) and bringing that to life through various advertising outlets, and create a pitch.

ocreations own Laura Smith learned from Shawn through this course during her time as an undergraduate student at Duquesne. This course is what allowed her to snag an internship with ocreations, and become a full-time designer at ocreations!

Thank you to the Duquesne University Media Department for this exciting feature.