Last night, ocreations President Shawn O’Mara was asked to be featured in an episode of a Flying Scooter Productions’ “Crew Call.”

Flying Scooter Productions is also a Pittsburgh-based creative agency that focuses on branding and marketing solutions. ocreations and Flying Scooter have collaborated on a variety of campaigns and marketing, most recently the Pittsburgh Staff Aid event.

The topic of discussion and the featured guest of the “Crew Call” video series varies each time. Last night’s discussion was titled “The One About Creative.”


Watch the full video.


Shawn and the Flying Scooter team discuss all things creative – COVID-19’s impact on agency life and teaching during the pandemic.


Shawn’s experience as an agency owner, as well as a creative professor at four local universities (Duquesne, Point Park, Chatham, and Robert Morris) allows him to have diverse insight on the pandemic’s effects on the creative industry as well as education. More specifically, Shawn discusses the impacts on ocreations as an agency, its clients, its designers, as well as his students.


Here are a couple of insightful outtakes from Shawn’s discussion:


On handling specific client needs:

“We’re taking each client and handling them differently. Some clients need messages put up on their website, talking about how they’re adapting and adjusting.”


On the powers of diversity:

“The more diverse you can be, the better your company is going to survive.”


On teaching:

“It’s being flexible. You can’t grade and you can’t act like nothing’s changed. You have to be more flexible.”


This topic definitely opened discussion that many people can relate to, especially for students and small businesses. Thank you to the Flying Scooter “crew” for the opportunity to allow ocreations to open up and chat about all things creative, during these uncertain times. We’re all in this together.

Need design services during the pandemic? Contact the ocreations team today. Let’s work together, let’s get creative.

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