ocreations’ package design featured on the
front page of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Food & Flavor section.

If you picked up a copy of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette this past Wednesday, April 6, then as you thumbed through it, you may have noticed a familiar face from the ocreations Portfolio. ocreations’ client, Pasta Too, was recently featured in the Post-Gazette article, “Made and Sold in Pittsburgh.” The article, which highlighted products that are produced by local food companies and are available for purchase in Pittsburgh-area stores,  covered the story behind Pasta Too’s sauces – the sauces that ocreations designed the packaging for less than a year ago.

What’s more exciting is that ocreations’ package design for Pasta Too was not just on the inside of the Post-Gazette: as the lead story of the Food & Flavor section, a teaser for the “Made in Pittsburgh” article was also featured on the front page of the Wednesday issue, which landed ocreations’ package design on the front page as well!



ocreations’ package design for Pasta Too appears on the front page of the Post-Gazette as a teaser, and as part of the lead story in the Food & Flavor section.

In the article, author Barbara Vancheri even references the label design:

“[The sauce] comes in three flavors… in jars with labels featuring a little girl, clad in a pint-size chef’s toque and white double-breasted jacket, and clutching cooked spaghetti nearly as tall as she is.”

Jesse Mader designed the jar labels, and Shawn O’Mara was in charge of art direction. As the creatives behind Pasta Too’s package design, you can imagine we were pretty happy to see our work being mentioned by a newspaper as huge as the Post-Gazette!

We also want to congratulate our friends at Pasta Too for the huge success of their jarred sauce and the earned media coverage.


An original picture of the Pasta Too labels designed by ocreations.

Pasta Too’s sauce jars needed a look that appealed to the homemade, family-oriented aspects of the brand, because that’s what the folks at Pasta Too pride themselves on, and sticking with the same brand values is what builds brand consistency. Package design is an important part of brand consistency because a company’s packaging is what consumers bring into their homes. Quality package design is key for initially catching consumers’ attention and then building brand recognition after that.

Do you want to ensure your company’s products will be noticed on the shelves? Do you want your packaging to be consistent with your brand values? Contact ocreations today and see what we can “ocreate” for you.