We are excited to announce that Visit Pittsburgh has named ocreations as its Tourism Partner of the Year!

The ocreations team earned this title “For demonstrating the utmost in creativity and for consistently going above and beyond when designing the Official Visitors Guide to Pittsburgh and retail merchandise,” as the inscription on the award reads.


An Award-Winning Team: Jesse, Shawn, and Nina with the “Tourism Partner of the Year” award from VisitPittsburgh


The honor of being named “Tourism Partner of the Year” by VisitPittsburgh comes as a result of our publication design for the 2016 Official Visitors Guide. The staff, officers, and Board of Directors of VisitPittsburgh recognized ocreations as their Tourism Partner of the Year after the February launch of the 2016 OVG, and they announced the news via Twitter last week:


It is always great to see our hard work paying off. We said in our previous post about the Official Visitors Guide that big projects lead to a bigger reward when we see the final, printed product. That certainly remains true, and in this case, the reward was even greater than we expected! We couldn’t be happier to accept this award from one of our long-time partners.

To learn more about the unique design that helped us become Tourism Partner of the Year, be sure to read our previous news post, “ocreations does ‘officially’ great design for Visit Pittsburgh.”

Looking for some design help? Want a partner that will go above and beyond to help your business?  Contact ocreations today and see what we can “ocreate” for you.