Project Description

Ecommerce Web Design by ocreations in Pittsburgh

Having a custom website for promotion and sales isn’t just for big or rich companies, with today’s technology and ocreations design experience, your company can afford a website.

Glassworks is a local company that makes custom automotive hard tops for convertibles. Knowing their clientele was mostly upscale professionals, they needed a high-end website on a low-end budget. The team at ocreations was able to deliver a professional website with an upscale look that also had e-commerce capabilities for customers to shop and purchase online.

Because of their boutique structure, ocreations doesn’t have to charge a lot for quality graphic or web design and programming. The result is more companies doing business on the web, which results in more happy customers, more revenue to stimulate the economy, and makes the world a better place. Well, maybe we’re taking that a bit too far, but ocreations CAN have a significant impact on your company with exceptional marketing and graphic design.