Project Description

It all starts with a sign. When you start a new company, the first thing people usually see is your sign. But your sign can’t just be any sign, it must represent your company strategy and the brand image you want to create.

When a new landscaping entrepreneur contacted ocreations for some design work for their new company, they got the whole package. Working as a team with their best designers and the client, ocreations helped develop the company name, logo, marketing strategy, and brand image. And the first place they put their creative concepts to work – environmental graphics, including signs.

The two-sided vinyl yard signs were designed with different color schemes to really stand out amidst their landscaping projects. When people drive by, the first thing they see after a beautiful landscape is their sign.

With the help of ocreations, the new logo and brand image will also be appearing on shirts and decals and they’re creating a website to show off their work and provide information. With ocreations, a sign is much more than a sign. Contact the expert designers today.