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WHEN IN DOUBT – BE ABLE TO TAKE GOOD PHOTOS ON YOUR PHONE.   Photos can sometimes tell a story better than words can, especially in today’s social media culture.  Yes, our last blog post was about hiring professional photographers for branding, and we still stand by that. However, if your brand relies heavily on social posts and will spend a lot of time using social media on a daily basis, your budget could quickly run out using a professional [...]

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7 Steps to Choosing a Legal Brand Name

7 STEPS TO CHOOSING A LEGAL BRAND NAME You think you have the most interesting name for your new brand or company, it’s so original, and nobody else could possibly have come up with it. Then, one of the most soul-crushing moments happens – your advertising team gives you the terrible news that the name has been taken, and you are stuck back at square one. Come to your advertising team with the knowledge that they have: how to choose [...]

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How to Stay Productive When Working From Home

How to Stay Productive When Working From Home   Are you a small business owner? Freelance designer? New parent? Just suffering from a seasonal cold? Working from the comfort of your own home can be difficult and distracting. Here’s our guide to staying productive while working from home:   1. Get Started Early & Act Like You Are Still Going to Work Make sure to set that alarm for 7:00am, and don’t hit that snooze button! Pretend like you’re prepping [...]

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Followers Hate When Brands Do These Things on Social Media

Followers Hate When Brands Do These Things on Social Media You wake up, roll over to your nightstand and grab your phone. Immediately, you start scrolling through all of your social media to see what you’ve missed while you were asleep. You see a few eye-catching posts that you give a generous like, share, or comment. However, you also see a bunch of content that you don’t even take a split second to look at. What is it that followers hate [...]

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6 Qualities of a Great Graphic Designer

6 Qualities of a Great Graphic Designer  When looking for help from a designer, it is important to know the person you are working with will go above and beyond your needs and expectations. Here are 6 qualities you should look for in a graphic designer.   Good Listener A graphic designer should listen to your needs. When they listen, they should really understand your goals and vision. The more questions a designer has, the more notes they take, and [...]

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Brand Ambassadors: What They Are and Why They’re Important

Brand Ambassadors: What They Are and Why They’re Important   Businesses need to gain exposure in order to become successful. Many businesses, small and large, have recently adopted the idea of brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors can be internal or external. Each company’s internal employees are technically brand ambassadors, as they represent the brand they work for.  External brand ambassadors are people who are hired by the company (sometimes unpaid) as influencers to promote the brand via various marketing outlets.   [...]

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The Importance of Mockups

The Importance of Mockups  When a designer is in the final stages of a project, he or she can take his or her service skills to the next level and ultimately create a powerful relationship with a client by creating mockups.   Mockups are simple to make, and can make a brand or project come to life in the client’s eyes. Designers can purchase and download Photoshop mockup templates, create templates of their own, or find free templates to download. [...]

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Snapchat Filter DIY

Now Anyone Can Design Snapchat Filters   Photoshop-illiterate Snapchat users, your dream has finally come true. Not only are Snapchat users able to create filters on the Snapchat website, but now you can create these filters within the app on your phone. Here’s how:   Step 1: Go to “Settings” and click “On-Demand Geofilters”                       Step 2: Select the occasion your Geofilter is for. Then pick a design template that fits [...]

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Going Live on Social Media

Why Go Live on Social Media? Live streaming is the future of sharing content on social media, so if you’re camera shy, it’s time to start getting used to the spotlight.   Snapchat has been a stepping stone in a user's ability to share his or her life with the world on a camera, but now other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow users to share content in real-time. Going live on social media as a new approach to [...]

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Stay Organized With Content Calendars

How to Stay Organized with Social Content Frustrated by the continual clutter and disarray of posting content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, billboards, etc.? How do social media experts keep all of these organized? One simple solution: content calendars.   Content calendars are a great organizational technique for social media managers, especially when messages need to be expressed across a multitude of platforms on different days at different times. Depending on what the company’s goals and preferred platforms are, no [...]

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