Project Description

Package Design by ocreations in Pittsburgh

Appropriate packaging has to reflect the promotion strategy of the product, taking into consideration the market environment and competition. Ocreations’ service reached as far as Florida to design a package for a trendy high tech start up, Sabine. The latest gadget on the market that augments the sound on an iPad or tablet, their 7d8 Elegant Amplifier needed to break into the market with a dynamic package design.

The design team at ocreations conducted market research to develop a look that modeled the packaging on Apple iPad products to associate its compatibility and appeal to the customer base, yet was unique enough to establish the new brand. The clean, sophisticated look introduced the product and established a brand identity within the competitive electronics market.

Whether your product is a tried-and-true favorite, or a new-comer, consult the team at ocreations for powerful packaging to set your brand apart.

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