Specialized Services

At Ocreations, we go beyond the scope of a normal design firm by offering what we like to refer to as “specialized services”. These are unique specialties our team has acquired that our customer can take advantage of to make us a one-stop resource for all their graphic, advertising, web design, and marketing needs. These “extra” services include but are not limited to: Photography, Website content or copy writing, menu design, public relations, illustrations, event marketing, and restaurant menu design. [...]

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The best Publication Design company in Pittsburgh

Professional Publication Design for retail products from the best Publication design team in Pittsburgh. Q: Is print still important for marketing? A: Yes, because of the internet there are now more printed materials in existence than ever before. Contact Ocreations for Publication Design Our design team can help you create the perfect publication for your product or company! How do you communicate with your existing customers? Is your product difficult to operate? Do you need an instruction manual? [...]

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Marketing Essentials

In order to bring in new customers, they need to know your company exists. The right marketing materials, expertly designed, help get you noticed. Custom design and branded t-shirts, hats, visors, and any other requested apparel. Perfect for affiliates, company gathe ... Ideal for company celebrations and picnics! Ocreations can design trophies, ribbons, and certificates with your company& ... Increase your brand equity and remain prevalent in your customers mind with branded products designed by ocreations. Whe [...]

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ocreations has worked with many clients, in various industries, to redesign the packaging of their products. Whether you are looking for a new label design or an entirely new package, ocreations’ team can create the perfect, take-me-off-the-shelf look for your product! ocreations, will provide research, competitor package comparisons, concepts, design, production, prepress, die-line development and printer coordination. Whether it is a single package or an entire product line we can help. Our Sr. Partner was the Creative Manager for Pittsburgh’s [...]

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Web Design in Pittsburgh – from the best design agency

Web Design and Web Development services Ocreations can help you design and develop any size website! Q: What is the difference between Web Design and Web Development? A: Web Design defines the way a website looks and works while Web Development is the process of making the website work. Form VS function - Images and style of a new car (design) VS building/engineering the final car (development) Contact Ocreations for Web Design and Development Designing websites with Web [...]

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Do you feel that your target market is best reached through outdoor marketing? Do they travel a lot? Are they taking the bus or driving a majority of their time? Then maybe outdoor advertising is the right solution for your business! ocreations has worked in many outdoor media and created successful campaigns through all types of outdoor marketing. We have had great success with transit shelters and bus graphics. Our team also creates fleet graphics to round out mobile and [...]

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At ocreations, we have a versatile team of designers who can work in many different media to establish and buy the best solution for your business. We not only design, produce, and edit media; but we work with the media outlets to get the best price, location and time slot for your marketing solutions. Our team can work with you to design media solutions with impact! We work in: Separate yourself from the competition with entertaining or [...]

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Many times purchases are made at the spur-of-the-moment. For the customer to pick your brand over your competitor’s you need to have eye-catching packaging and in-store promotional materials to draw the customer to your product. ocreations works with you to design the most effective interior signage, kiosk designs, POP and POS materials, and signage kits. Our team does their research to find out what the customer wants to see, and what is most important and plays up that aspect of [...]

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In Store Signage and Environmental Design from the best Designers in Pittsburgh

Ocreations knows how to design for interiors and in-store signage. Environmental Design keeps customers engaged while in store. Q: What is Environmental design? A: Environmental design is the process of addressing your surrounding in-store environment for creating traffic flow, visual space awareness and enhancing the customer experience. Contact ocreations for Instruction Manual Design Environmental Design and Store Signage. Our design team has experience and an eye for detail that will make your location a place where your customers [...]

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Company Essentials

There are certain items all companies must have. At ocreations, we refer to these items as Company Essentials. These items include branding, your letterhead, envelopes; business cards; brochures; website you may need and collateral items for your business. Our team works with you to create an appropriate, yet dynamic image for your company. Are you a start-up company or does your branding just need updated to something for the twenty-first century and beyond? ... Introduce your company [...]

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