On Air: Tips for Writing a Radio Spot Ad

ON AIR: WRITING A RADIO SPOT AD So, your client just asked you to help them with an ad. But, here’s the catch... you cannot use visuals, and you have less than a minute to get the message across to your audience through spoken voice (and sound effects). Radio spots require talented copywriting skills, attention to detail, and careful planning in order to create a memorable commercial. Here are some tips on what to consider when working on a radio [...]

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Creative Copywriting in Advertising

CREATIVE COPYWRITING IN ADVERTISING Are you working on a major campaign for your company, or even a simple flyer to hand out at an event? No matter what you’re producing, you’ll need to make sure you have creative headlines and copy. Don’t get us wrong, visual design is extremely important. However, creative copywriting can be just as important to developing a strong, memorable campaign. So, what’s the deal with good headlines, and what should they achieve? At ocreations, we always [...]

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Pros & Cons of a One Page Website

ONE PAGE WEBSITES: PROS & CONS We’ve given you tips on websites, and we’ve given you tips on simple landing pages before a site goes live. Well, we’ve got some tips on something in between: one page websites. As with many other digital platforms, one page websites certainly have their advantages, as well as their disadvantages. Before deciding to make your site one page, it’s important to understand if this type of site will be good for your business, or [...]

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START MAKING SNAPCHAT ADS   Snapchat filters are a great tool for businesses to promote themselves, but now Snapchat has recently developed Snapchat Ad Manager, where businesses can create full advertisements that pop up while Snapchat users are viewing stories and subscriptions.   Because this feature is relatively new, it is a great opportunity for your business to tap into early on and be one of the first to utilize Snapchat Ads.   The Snapchat Ad Manager guides users through [...]

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STAYING ORGANIZED IN A CREATIVE ENVIRONMENT   Having a lot of projects at hand is not a bad problem to have. Having a lot of projects and being disorganized IS a bad problem to have, but is an easy problem to solve. At ocreations, we deal with many clients at once, and at times we have multiple people working on the same project. How do we stay organized? Here are some of our tips:   Have a Place to Save [...]

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GIFS – Where and How to Use Them Effectively in Marketing and Advertising

GIFS – Where and How to Use Them Effectively in Marketing and Advertising   The beloved GIF – whether you pronounce it like “gift” without the “t”, or like “jiff”, these little graphics are making a big impression in the world of marketing and advertising. GIFs are often created from movie clips or shows and used for casual texts or tweets. However, GIFs can be used for many other purposes in the professional realm. Here are some ideas to add [...]

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