Typography Mistakes to Avoid

Typography Mistakes to Avoid! One of the most important elements of design is typography. There are so many important components that go into creating typography that people will read and remember. Here’s an ocreations official typography checklist of rookie mistakes to avoid to take your typography skills to the next level! Use this checklist when proofing your design to clean it up and make it top-notch! Tracking & Kerning Sure, our design programs allow us to customize the copy in [...]

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12 Things Graphic Designers Can Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving With Thanksgiving being just a couple days away, we'd like to share what we're thankful for this year. Here's our list: 1. All of the tools and resources we use on a daily basis. Before computers, graphic design was done all by hand. In the twenty-first century, we can now be more productive than ever with all of the possibilities technology has given us. Tools like the Adobe Creative Cloud, [...]

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Color-Tural Context: Color Perceptions Across Various Cultures

COLOR-TURAL CONTEXT: COLOR PERCEPTIONS ACROSS VARIOUS CULTURES   When studying color for advertising or design courses, we’re always given the basics, and often just the basics for our own culture. However, when working with clients on an international level, it is important to understand various cultures and their interpretations of colors.   The infographic below illustrates 84 different feelings, and the colors that represent each across 10 different cultures. It is worth it to really study these and understand how [...]

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