Subliminal Messaging in Logos

SUBLIMINAL MESSAGING IN LOGOS What makes a brand unique? The logo or icon it associates itself with. Something that can make a logo unique is designing a subliminal message into the logo.   WHAT IS A SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE? It’s basically a hidden message within a logo. If you look closely at certain logos, you may notice it’s more than what meets the eye at a first glance. If your brand’s logo has subliminal messaging, it demonstrates that your brand is [...]

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The Ultimate Resource Guide for Designers

The Ultimate Resource Guide for Designers Need a good font website, but don’t know which ones to trust? Need stock images but don’t have the budget to pay for them? Here is our list of helpful sites that every graphic designer should know and have access to, all in one place:   TRADEMARKS / LEGALITIES: USPTO     COLORS Color Scheme Designer Adobe Color Wheel     FONTS Google Fonts (web-friendly) What the Font   [...]

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