How to Host a Successful Virtual Event

Tips & Ideas for Hosting A Successful Virtual Event There has been a dramatic spike in virtual events since the start of the pandemic. Thinking about hosting your own? Learn the basics, ideas of different types of virtual events, and tips on how to make your first virtual event a success!   First things first, what is a virtual event? A virtual event is a type of organized gathering, but online rather than in-person. The purpose of virtual events can [...]

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WORKING AS A TEAM, REMOTELY Work from home has become a trend over the past few years with larger corporations. However, with the current global pandemic, work from home has become a demand for many companies, large and small. How can a team stay productive, and still work like a team, when working remotely? At ocreations, our team is used to all working in the same room, so the transition to all of us working remotely has been an adjustment. [...]

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