Qualities of a Great Web Developer

11 QUALITIES OF A GREAT WEB DEVELOPER The land of coding is one that is unfamiliar and intimidating to many. When looking to build a fully functioning, beautifully designed website, you are going to want to hire a web developer. They have a lot of knowledge that most people do not have, so it is important to hire the right developer for your project. There are certain qualities that separate average web designers from great web designers. Here’s our list: 1. Aware [...]

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25 Graphic Design Terms Every Client & Designer Should Know

25 GRAPHIC DESIGN TERMS EVERY CLIENT & DESIGNER SHOULD KNOW Interested in becoming a designer? Working with a designer but want to be more knowledgeable about the industry? Below is a list of language used by graphic designers in their daily lives. Aspiring designers and clients alike - familiarizing yourself with these terms will amplify your credibility in the industry, and make it easier to talk design lingo with other designers. Vector Graphic: A graphic (shape or line) that has infinite [...]

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