THE 411 ON WIREFRAMES   Comparable to the blueprint of a home, wireframes are the foundation of building a website. Wireframes should be the first step in the process of designing and developing a new website, and are important for numerous reasons. So, what’s the 411 on wireframes?   WHAT IS A WIREFRAME? A wireframe is the blueprint, outline, or rough draft of a web page. Here are some characteristics of wireframes:   Typically in black and white, or grayscale. [...]

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Tips for a Meaningful Infographic

TIPS  FOR A  MEANINGFUL  INFOGRAPHIC   Many people claim to hate statistics. What most people mean by that is, they don’t enjoy running statistical analyses, but people love to see/hear the final outcome of statistical analyses and love to be able to put numerical values to data. One trend that combines information (statistics) and visual graphics, are infographics. Info + graphics = infographics. However, the ability to understand the given data/information, and make it visually appealing is one for artists [...]

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Retargeting Ads: What Are They and How Can They Help Your Business Grow?

RETARGETING ADS: WHAT ARE THEY AND HOW CAN THEY HELP YOUR BUSINESS GROW?   This usually happens around the holidays – you’re Googling gift ideas for your family, and next thing you know, ads for those products start popping up on your Facebook, Yahoo, etc. How does the computer know to feed you those ads? Two words: retargeting advertisements. What are these ads and how can they help businesses grow?   Retargeting ads are ads that are targeted specifically at [...]

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