Web Design & Strategy Across Industries

Websites are crucial to any business. They make your brand legitimate, and allow existing or new customers to learn more about your company, from anywhere in the world. Because a website is so public, it’s important to create a user experience and design that makes your brand unique and aesthetically pleasing, but also functional. Design and strategy are huge factors in developing a website. And, because business goals, services, products, personnel, and audiences differ across a variety of industries, design and strategy will also vary from industry to industry.
In this blog, we’ll break down unique features and design elements to keep in mind when designing a website, industry by industry.


Although the health and nutrition industry is broad, at the end of the day, businesses in this industry want to help their customers achieve health and wellness through their products or services. Here are some features to consider when building or refreshing your website: 
  • Have a shop or page that describes your products, their benefits, ingredients, etc.
  • Incorporate testimonials (written or visual) from happy customers
  • A location list or finder, so customers can easily find out where they can buy your product
  • Create health or fitness challenges to keep your visitors engaged
  • Include a blog and/or news page with health trends, tips, tricks, and industry-related news

Design-wise, using colors, fonts, and imagery that match your brand tone are going to be crucial. For instance, if your brand is high end, healthy and clean, make sure to use white space to your advantage. Or, if your brand is organic or natural, utilize tones and images that create a natural, earthy feel.

Website Spotlight: Ready Nutrition

Ready Nutrition is a sports nutrition products company and manufacturer, based in Pittsburgh, PA. Ready’s products help athletes of all ages live an active and healthy lifestyle, and ultimately achieve their goals. Their website (designed and developed by ocreations in collaboration with Hook Studios  holds true to the essence of their brand. A clean, yet bold look with high-end imagery of athletes achieving their goals. This website has an online shop, as well as a store locator so customers can learn more about the products and how/where to purchase them.



The goal of a beauty or skincare company is to help a target audience feel beautiful and healthy through the use of their products and services. 
Similar to health and nutrition, definitely keep the same considerations in mind:
  • Have a shop or page that describes your products, their benefits, ingredients, etc.
  • Incorporate testimonials (written or visual) from happy customers
  • A location list or finder, so customers can easily find out where they can buy your product


Other features to consider are:
  • An Instagram feed will add to the heavy imagery needed for this type of website. Plus, it will increase engagement, and encourage an increase for your social following on other platforms outside of your website.


Imagery is also key in the design process. 
Invest in amazing photography, to make sure your brand promotes how your products can positively impact the lives of new and repeat customers. You want your models to look their best, and capture them as you envision how all of your customers should feel when they use your product or service. 

Website Spotlight: Calithea

Calithea is a company that offers a variety of skincare products, using natural ingredients from Greece. Because their products are so unique, their web design incorporates high-end imagery, using light colors to keep a clean look and feel. It also tells the story behind the products, and the “Greek secret” to great skincare. Customers can learn more about the products, and even purchase products on the online shop.


The construction industry is all about the final results. As a construction company, your goal is to achieve the best results, as efficiently as possible. Even though construction is not the most glamorous of industries, there are definitely ways to make a lasting impression through your website. Here are a few key features to keep in mind that will make your site stand out:
  • A before & after gallery that allows potential clients to see the variety of projects you’ve worked on, where you started, and the final result.
  • Case studies for your favorite or best projects will provide more detail than just before/after images, and give potential clients a better insight on the project details and process. Every project is different, so anything that you can note that was unique or outstanding about the project, add it in!
Once again, imagery is going to be crucial. High-end photography is going to elevate your brand and turn the idea of hard-labor construction work into something beautiful.

Website Spotlight: Franjo Construction

Franjo Construction is a Pittsburgh-based general contractor, construction manager and design/builder. Their office is headquartered in the neighborhood of Homestead, and they take pride in their family-owned business that is dedicated to serving their local community. Their web design incorporates large, high-quality imagery of their projects, which vary across all of the different markets they serve. On each “market” page, there are an abundance of completed project photos. Their blog & news page also provides details on new projects, projects in progress, completed projects, and general industry-related news to keep viewers informed and engaged.


The goal of tourism and event-based companies is to encourage new and returning visitors to come to their space or event. Some events happen once a year, while others may happen more frequently. A website is the perfect platform to provide all event details and updates from year to year! What are some features to keep in mind? Here’s our list:
  • A registration form for event-goers to register or purchase tickets for the event from the comfort of their own home.
  • A schedule of events, activities, speakers, performers, etc. so potential event-goers can get a sneak peek at what the event is going to be like.
  • A custom parking map or page for visitors to plan accordingly
  • Design-wise, the website colors, fonts, imagery, etc. should match the event’s brand identity. The site should make visitors feel excited and invited, and make them want to come to your event.

Website Spotlight: Pittsburgh Irish Festival

The Pittsburgh Irish Festival is a nonprofit organization that brings families locally and out-of-state to celebrate Irish culture in Pittsburgh, PA. ocreations designs the website for the PIttsburgh Irish Festival each year to match each year’s theme. The 2019 theme used bright, bold colors with simplistic shapes and fonts, which was applied to the web design. The 2019 festival also changed locations for the first time in years, so the main hero image is a custom illustration of what the festival would look like so returning (and new) event-goers would be able to envision the scenery of the new location.


If your company is in the tech industry, it’s not even a question whether or not to have a website. Because visitors are coming to your site to learn more about your technological expertise, it’s so important to have a user-friendly, highly functional site. Here’s what to keep in mind when building a site in the tech industry:
  • Do user experience research and testing while strategizing how to lay out your website to create the most functional and friendly site possible
  • Keep the copy simple, as your services may require highly complex processes that your clients may not understand right away. Copywriting in an easily-understandable format is key.
  • Incorporate unique interactive elements to help your users understand your services and/or products. 
  • Think about icons and infographics you can incorporate to explain complex processes, especially for visitors who may be visual learners.
  • Include forms on your pages so visitors can directly reach out to your company

Website Spotlight: Itero Group

Itero Group is a technology company that offers a wide range of services with a deep focus in Agile innovation. When ocreations designed this site, the goal was to have impactful imagery, while keeping the writing simple and to-the-point. Because agile is a process many people want, but aren’t entirely familiar with, the ocreations team decided a custom illustration graphic would fit perfectly into the site to visually explain the process to someone who doesn’t know much about agile. 


Though music and entertainment are traditionally thought of as “live” acts or performances, both have adapted to digital formats. Having digital formats, sounds, videos, etc. presents an opportunity for a website, and ultimately more viewers, fans, and business. Music and entertainment websites can expect to use larger files and potentially anticipate higher traffic. 
  • Host your videos on platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo (then embed the links to your site), to keep the high quality of the video, yet save the site from getting bogged down (speed-wise) by custom embedded videos with large file sizes.
  • Write frequent blog and news posts about updates on new songs, videos, projects, performances, etc.
  • Have a dedicated page or section for website visitors to purchase tickets or merch (if applicable).
  • If you run a studio, include specs on your equipment and services, and offer a virtual tour, whether it is with high-end photos, or even a video.

Website Spotlight: The Vault

Located on Neville Island in Pittsburgh, PA, The Vault is a recording studio, record label, and music community connector. When planning the website, our design team knew The Vault wanted its viewers to understand what the Vault’s main offerings were – a recording studio, a record label (with signed artists), and a community connector (a focus on giving back to the community with its own Rhythm19 Fund that helps provide access to music and art education to children & youth). Additionally, the web design includes a “tour the studio” page, where visitors can check out the studio to get a sneak preview. What elevates the site the most is the high-end imagery and branding to encapsulate the essence of The Vault.



Especially during these trying times where many of us are still under stay-at-home orders, appliances and home systems are getting a run for their money. Now more than ever, it is important for those companies in the heating & cooling industry to have websites that look high-end, professional, function well, and provide accurate information regarding services and contact info. What types of features are important to keep in mind while building a website for this industry?
  • Testimonials, testimonials, testimonials. Reputation is so important for businesses in this industry because many often undeservingly get a “bad wrap.” Make sure your business has a system in place to request testimonials after each completed job (and reward customers for providing a testimonial), and an organized way to save them and sift through to add them into your website. You can add a few featured ones on your home page, and dedicate a full page to add testimonials as you receive them.
  • Include forms (and your business phone number) on your services pages so visitors can reach out right away.
  • Include any special offers, coupons, etc. on your site that visitors can download and redeem on their next service.
  • Incorporate any relevant financing options on an individual page of your site so you can help potential customers when financing any large home upgrades or projects with your business.
  • A careers page and form is key if you are looking to add more talented people to your team.
  • Add how-to or DIY videos and write blogs to keep visitors coming back to your site and stay engaged.
  • Create a gallery page for completed projects, and even include a few case studies of some of your more unique jobs or your favorite projects you’re most proud of.

Website Spotlight: J&A South Park

J&A Heating & Cooling is a Pittsburgh-based, family-owned company located in the South Hills region. J&A offers a variety of services for residential and light commercial HVAC, plumbing and electrical. When designing the website, ocreations had also recently refreshed the J&A brand, with a new logo, slogan, and general branding for creative purposes. This new look and feel was applied to the web design, which includes services, testimonials, offers, financing options, open career opportunities & online application, a news/blog section, DIY videos, and a gallery! The web design is constantly updated with new offers, blogs, how-to videos, and gallery images to keep visitors engaged and coming back frequently.


The buying, renting, and selling process can be stressful enough. That’s why housing and realty sites should be as simple and easy to use as possible! User experience to keep customers from leaving your site is extremely important in the housing and realty industry. Here are a few pointers on which features are going to be most important to include on a website in this industry:
  • An interactive property search. Look at websites like Zillow, Apartments.com, or Realtor.com. These sites all have interactive maps, searches, etc. to browse for a home or rental within the custom criteria a customer may be looking for.
  • High-end photography is one of the most important features to have on your site. Visitors are looking to invest in a place they want to call home, and photography will help them make that decision. Have galleries of rental properties, homes, etc. that visitors can easily view from any device.
  • A form to get in touch with an agent that has fields for type of property, price range, location, number of beds, baths, parking options, etc. to get help from a professional expert.
  • A blog and/or news section with home buying/renting tips, FAQs, DIY decorating or money-saving tips, and general housing market news

Website Spotlight: Rockwel Realty

As a Pittsburgh-based real estate agency, Rockwel Realty offers luxury commercial and residential properties for rent in premium neighborhoods throughout the city. Rockwel also prides itself on its lasting relationships with residents and clients. When designing the website, ocreations knew forms and property searching tools were essential to include, which are actually included on the home page, and as a sidebar on all other pages. Ocreations also knew the importance of featuring high-end photography to provide an inviting, high-end, and professional look to the site.


Depending on the specific lawyer specializations or approaches, law websites must convey what areas they can provide legal advice in, and how they can help their clients achieve justice. There are a few key elements that websites for the law industry should incorporate:
  • High-end imagery will give a sense of professionalism, before visitors even begin to read copy.
  • Incorporate a “meet the lawyers” page that includes an image, contact info, and background/qualifications for each lawyer at the firm. This will help potential clients get to know their lawyers and gain a sense of each lawyer’s expertise and put a face to a name. It puts potential clients at ease to have a means of getting to know who they may be working with.
  • Custom icons to go with each practice area your firm has experience in will help add a distinctive, yet simple and inviting characteristic to your site.

Website Spotlight: Anderson & Labovitz

Anderson & Labovitz, LLC is a Pittsburgh-based law firm specializing in a wide variety of areas of law, including: business law, estate administration and planning, litigation, HOA law, real estate, family law, and bankruptcy. The web design includes custom photography of the law team in a variety of scenarios to illustrate their vast knowledge in numerous areas of law. Ocreations also designed custom icons for their practice areas, which are displayed towards the top of their home page. This placement helps visitors get to the information they need to get to, as quickly as possible. The site also includes testimonials from a wide variety of clients. Additionally, in the footer of their website is a button for clients to pay invoices digitally.


The auto industry includes a number of different business types – auto repair, auto sales, automotive products and accessories, insurance, etc. What do all of these have in common? A goal of helping clients and customers keep their cars in “top gear” at all times, and help them get from point A to point B seamlessly. A website will help potential clients and customers understand more about your business, services, and/or products. What fundamental details should you include in your website?
  • A clear and simple page (or pages) with the services you provide, with forms for customers to get in touch immediately.
  • High-end photo gallery with completed projects your business is proud of
  • Testimonials are important. Vehicles are a large, continual investment, and people want to make sure they can trust your company in whatever service or product your business offers.

Website Spotlight: Remarkable Autoworks

Remarkable Auto Works is an automotive repair company located in Pittsburgh, PA. They offer a wide array of services, including: collision repair, light mechanical services, towing services, custom welding & fabrication services, and even custom painting. When designing the website, ocreations had also recently designed a new logo and branding for Remarkable Autoworks, which was incorporated into the site’s look and feel. This site also has custom icons designed by ocreations for the home page sections “History,” “Philosophy,” and “Goals” to help provide visual appeal and keep readers engaged. The web design also includes a services page with toggle features so potential customers can click and read about the specific service(s) they are interested in. This also keeps the site from looking too busy or copy heavy. Additionally, the site has a photo gallery of completed jobs to visually communicate the quality and the assortment of services they provide.
The design team at ocreations has been lucky to have the opportunity to design dozens upon dozens of sites for brands of all “shapes and sizes” (so to speak). We’ve worked with a variety of clients in a number of vastly different industries. Our team has the experience and knowledge to strategically design for any industry, because of our diverse clients and web design projects we’ve completed over the years.

Need web design, consulting, and/or development for your business? At ocreations, our team can handle your web needs from general consulting, to custom design & development of new sites, to refreshing design of existing websites, and even SEO services. Contact us at ocreations today. Let’s get designing for web, let’s get creative.