ocreations was faced with the challenge of rebranding Baldwin-Whitehall School District.

CLIENT: Carrie On Communications, Baldwin-Whitehall School District

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Conceptual logo design and illustration, branding package, brand website design & development, multiple design application.

Because we were rebranding such a long-standing educational institution, we knew that it was important not to lose the integrity of the original, familiar brand & logo. Baldwin-Whitehall School District is one of the larger school districts in Western PA – so their original seal, mascot and colors needed to be respected and remembered.

We set out to find a new look for the BW as an emblem to represent the academic side of the school, and then a slightly more athletic version to represent the sports programs that have both been successful for many decades. We were also asked to find a new concept for the look of the actual athletic mascot, which is a Fighting Highlander.

After lots of brainstorming, many meetings and sketches, we were able to land at a fresh look and feel. We ended up with a more modern, but still timeless version of the BW emblem, an athletic BW shield, a majestic character for the Fighting Highlander, and and entire branding package that included carefully selected fonts, guidelines, and swatches, all available on a custom built brand standards website that we designed and developed for this project. We also used the final brand and logo elements to design the layout for one of the school’s gym floors.

This project was a lot of fun for us, and it was an honor to rebrand a school district that has been around for so many decades.

Take a look at how the logos and court design turned out:


Athletic logo shield (left) and Fighting Highlander mascot logo illustration (right)


Baldwin-Whitehall School District gym floor design