Local Newspaper from the South Hills commends ocreations for ‘great design’

After seeing our design in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette not too long ago, we are happy to say that ocreations’ design work has again gained exposure from another local newspaper.

The South Hills – Mon Valley Messenger recently featured an article about ocreations’ work with local businesses in the South Hills area. In its article, “From the South Hills to the South Side – ocreations Delivers on Design,” the Messenger kindly praises our design work and talks a bit about our approach and attitude towards working with local businesses from our own neighborhood in Pittsburgh:

Ocreations has been working with several local businesses for years… These clients have stayed with ocreations since their inception because the designers continue to provide creative solutions for all types of graphic and website design issues. They believe that building a long term relationship with their clients and target market helps to provide spot-on messaging that builds awareness, branding, and sales.

We are excited to be recognized by a local newspaper serving many of our original clients. We love working with our national and international clients as well, but we’ll never forget where we came from! As president Shawn O’Mara puts it in the article, “We feel it’s important to give back to the communities and families in the South Hills that have helped us build our businesses.”

After all, that’s the Pittsburgh way, isn’t it? A huge thanks to the South Hills – Mon Valley Messenger for the coverage. To read more about our local clients and our approach to “great design,” be sure to check out the full article here.

Does your local business need design solutions? We’d love to help. Be sure to contact ocreations today!