Social Media

An exclusive design for a social media page is essential for making a lasting impression in a crowded digital world. A creative, personalized design for your Twitter, Facebook, or Pintrest account is much more memorable to visitors than the default page most companies use. Let ocreations increase the effectiveness of your social media campaigns with an exclusive and attractive social media design!

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Digital Marketing, Web Banners, Social Media Ads & Posts from the best social media marketing firm in Pittsburgh

Digital and Social Media Marketing is low cost and has the potential for high ROI. ocreations has the experience and capabilities to handle all your digital marketing needs. Q: Does Digital Marketing really create a return on investment? A: Depends on who does it and how it's done. Simply putting some posts up on Facebook or throwing your web-banner into the vast space of the internet and hoping for money to boomerang back is not how this works. Turns out [...]

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If your team needs training on software the team at ocreations can provide that for you. Whether it is WordPress, Constant Contact, PhotoShop or many others, we can set up a time to train your team how do complete the updates.

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Strategic Marketing

We can augment or supplement your marketing department with our experienced team. With decades of marketing experience in various industries, our staff is capable of identifying target markets and employing proven succesful tactics and strategies to increase your business and revenue.

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Public Relations

ocreations works with a team of experienced public relations writers and planners to bring you publicity at little or no cost for the placement.

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Photo direction

You may have a photographer, but you need assistance on the shoot as to what the best shot would be. Our team works with your photographer to get the best shot possible.

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On top of offering photo direction, ocreations can also complete the photo shoot for you along with editing and direction.

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Sometimes the best image for your business isn’t an image at all. At ocreations our talented team of  Illustrators can create the most effective and eye-catching digital and traditional illustrations to help promote your business.

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Event Marketing

If you are hosting an event or setting up at a conference or convention, ocreations can work with you to get you noticed and draw visitors to your booth.

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Copy Writing

Many promotional items need words, and not just any words, to get the full message across. We have a team of copywriters who work with us to provide the best message to promote your business to the right audience.

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