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Get Verified on Instagram   Getting verified on Instagram anytime before August 2018 was highly unattainable, unless you were a well-known brand, celebrity, or some sort of public figure. Or, if you had an “in” with someone who worked at Instagram, they had the power to give your profile the admirable blue check mark.   Now, anyone can apply for verification. However, this does not mean everyone receives the badge. Instagram is still quite selective of who can and cannot [...]

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TRICKS & TREATS FOR YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA THIS HALLOWEEN   Halloween is the perfect time to amp up your social media in preparation for the holidays ahead. Save the last-minute decisions for your Halloween costume this season, and try some of these tricks and treats on your social media platforms this year.   Come Up With Relevant Posts   Come up with eye-catching creative for Halloween that relates back to your company. Is your company in the food industry? Create [...]

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ARE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS BEACH-BOD READY?   Just like working out at the gym and getting your beach body ready, it’s important to make sure your business social media accounts are ready for the summer! Here are a few ideas for your social media accounts have a little bit of fun this season:   SHOW THE BRAND/COMPANY HAVING FUN Does your company host summer company picnics? Do your employees do any team-building exercises? Anything that shows your company can [...]

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Give Your LinkedIn Page A Makeover

GIVE YOUR LINKEDIN PAGE A MAKEOVER One of the best social tools for businesses and professionals is LinkedIn. If you want to get as many significant connections as possible and grow your business, it’s important that your LinkedIn is top-notch. If you think your company LinkedIn page is in need of a makeover, check out our tips on how to make your page stand out among the rest.   1. Make sure everything is updated (profile picture, contact info, etc.) Does [...]

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Spring Cleaning Checklist for Social Media

SPRING CLEANING CHECKLIST FOR SOCIAL MEDIA It’s that time of year – we’re all coming out of winter hibernation and ready to get organized. Taxes are being filed, houses are being decluttered, and now it’s time for our social media accounts to get a good spring cleaning. Here’s our checklist of things to do to clean up your social media accounts for your business.   Update your profile pictures. Make sure all of your social media accounts have the same [...]

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Write the Perfect Instagram Bio for Your Business

WRITE THE PERFECT INSTAGRAM BIO FOR YOUR BUSINESS   When developing social media marketing plans for a business’s Instagram account, the emphasis is mostly placed on the content that will be produced and shared, since that’s what social media is meant for. However, many businesses often overlook their bio, the 150 characters that introduce the brand to the world of Instagrammers. Much like a tweet, this bio should be short, but powerful. Here are some tips on how to make your [...]

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