Remote Team Development: Strategies for Success

Strategies for Success When Developing a Remote Team   Working remotely is no longer unusual. In fact, many people prefer to work from home because it gives them some degree of flexibility over when and where they work and how they choose to get things done. There are also some benefits for employers, including fewer overhead costs.   Employing remote workers comes with some unique challenges, though. It can be tough to keep your staff accountable, and it can be hard to build [...]

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Web Design & Strategy Across Industries

Web Design & Strategy Across Industries Websites are crucial to any business. They make your brand legitimate, and allow existing or new customers to learn more about your company, from anywhere in the world. Because a website is so public, it’s important to create a user experience and design that makes your brand unique and aesthetically pleasing, but also functional. Design and strategy are huge factors in developing a website. And, because business goals, services, products, personnel, and audiences differ [...]

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How to Host a Successful Virtual Event

Tips & Ideas for Hosting A Successful Virtual Event There has been a dramatic spike in virtual events since the start of the pandemic. Thinking about hosting your own? Learn the basics, ideas of different types of virtual events, and tips on how to make your first virtual event a success!   First things first, what is a virtual event? A virtual event is a type of organized gathering, but online rather than in-person. The purpose of virtual events can [...]

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WORKING AS A TEAM, REMOTELY Work from home has become a trend over the past few years with larger corporations. However, with the current global pandemic, work from home has become a demand for many companies, large and small. How can a team stay productive, and still work like a team, when working remotely? At ocreations, our team is used to all working in the same room, so the transition to all of us working remotely has been an adjustment. [...]

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HOW TO KEEP YOUR BUSINESS & MARKETING EFFORTS AFLOAT IN THE PANDEMIC The pandemic has put a disruption in all of our lives, on a personal level and on a professional level. Many businesses are requiring employees to work from home. And, as a result of the economic decline, many businesses are cutting budgets – including marketing. If you’re in a marketing, design, or creative role at your place of work, now is the time to get even more innovative [...]

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How to Stay Productive While Working From Home: Part II

How to Stay Productive While Working From Home: Part II In light of the coronavirus pandemic, working people around the world are being asked to stay in their homes, and continue conducting business operations from the safety of their homes. Many of those working from home have never done so before, and are trying to make the best of the situation. Want more tips and tricks on how to stay productive while working from home? In Part I of our [...]

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Typography Mistakes to Avoid

Typography Mistakes to Avoid! One of the most important elements of design is typography. There are so many important components that go into creating typography that people will read and remember. Here’s an ocreations official typography checklist of rookie mistakes to avoid to take your typography skills to the next level! Use this checklist when proofing your design to clean it up and make it top-notch! Tracking & Kerning Sure, our design programs allow us to customize the copy in [...]

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Do’s and Don’ts of Your First Trade Show: Part III

Do’s and Don’ts of Your First Trade Show: Part III – Even More Tips for Your First Art Fair The ocreations team has gone on the road with clients to trade shows, and even for personal projects! Most recently, ocreations Art Director Nina, took her talents to the Bitchcraft Fair at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. In Part III, we’ll give you even more tips and resources from Nina’s Bitchcraft Fair experience, that’ll leave you feeling more than ready [...]

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Do’s and Don’ts of Your First Trade Show: Part II

Do’s and Don’ts of Your First Trade Show: Part II – Tips for Your First Art Fair Back in last November, our Vice President, Jess Mader, and our client, Brainy Ball, attended the Chicago Toy and Game Week together to help promote the new game, and from their adventure, gave us a bunch of great Do’s and Don’ts for your first trade show.  Taking that advice, our Art Director, Nina Zivkovic, recently participated in her first art fair, the 2019 Bitchcraft [...]

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Appetizing Menu Design

Appetizing Menu Design You sit down at a restaurant, and your server hands you a menu. You skim the menu, pick what you’d like to order, and hand back the menu. People look at menus everyday, and it is so important for successful establishments to have menus that will catch someone’s eye and be memorable. There’s much more than meets the eye when it comes to menu design. Here are some tips on best practices for designing a restaurant or [...]

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