GIF Stickers for Instagram in 3 Easy Steps

GIF Stickers for Instagram in 3 Easy Steps You go on Instagram, you post something on your story, and you want to add an animated sticker to jazz up your post. Have you ever wondered where these stickers come from, or even how to make your own for your brand? You’ve heard us talk about GIFs before, and now we’re going to delve a little deeper, only this time we’re going to tell you how to design GIFs specifically for [...]

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EMAIL ETIQUETTE FOR CREATIVES   Texting, Snapchatting, and Facetiming – these all make emails seem like a blast from the past. However, in the professional realm, emails are still one of the top forms of communication. Because we’ve generally become more casual with our methods of communication, it’s important to take a step back and make sure our messages stay professional in a professional setting. It is definitely challenging to switch gears from texting friends and family, to writing out [...]

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THE 411 ON INSTAGRAM STORIES & HIGHLIGHTS   New to the Instagram world and need to catch up? We’ve got you covered. New features like Instagram stories and highlights may seem daunting, but can actually be a lot of fun, and ultimately attract more followers.   So, what are Instagram Stories? Instagram stories are a relatively new feature for Instagram users, and have come a long way since their entry to the platform in 2016. Stories are a great way [...]

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Get Verified on Instagram   Getting verified on Instagram anytime before August 2018 was highly unattainable, unless you were a well-known brand, celebrity, or some sort of public figure. Or, if you had an “in” with someone who worked at Instagram, they had the power to give your profile the admirable blue check mark.   Now, anyone can apply for verification. However, this does not mean everyone receives the badge. Instagram is still quite selective of who can and cannot [...]

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Write the Perfect Instagram Bio for Your Business

WRITE THE PERFECT INSTAGRAM BIO FOR YOUR BUSINESS   When developing social media marketing plans for a business’s Instagram account, the emphasis is mostly placed on the content that will be produced and shared, since that’s what social media is meant for. However, many businesses often overlook their bio, the 150 characters that introduce the brand to the world of Instagrammers. Much like a tweet, this bio should be short, but powerful. Here are some tips on how to make your [...]

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