A Designer’s Guide to Dielines

A Designer’s Guide to Dielines A die is a tool that cuts, scores, or makes an indentation on printed materials. And a dieline is the shape / artwork the die uses as a guide when making cuts, scores, and indentations. Dielines are crucial to the package design process, and are designed using a specific set of rules and industry standards. Are you working on a brand new package design? Curious about what it takes to make a dieline, or interested [...]

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GIF Stickers for Instagram in 3 Easy Steps

GIF Stickers for Instagram in 3 Easy Steps You go on Instagram, you post something on your story, and you want to add an animated sticker to jazz up your post. Have you ever wondered where these stickers come from, or even how to make your own for your brand? You’ve heard us talk about GIFs before, and now we’re going to delve a little deeper, only this time we’re going to tell you how to design GIFs specifically for [...]

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Appetizing Menu Design

Appetizing Menu Design You sit down at a restaurant, and your server hands you a menu. You skim the menu, pick what you’d like to order, and hand back the menu. People look at menus everyday, and it is so important for successful establishments to have menus that will catch someone’s eye and be memorable. There’s much more than meets the eye when it comes to menu design. Here are some tips on best practices for designing a restaurant or [...]

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Google Reviews: The Basics

Google Reviews: The Basics Businesses can benefit greatly from Google Reviews. What are they? How do they work? What are the benefits? Find out in our beginner’s guide to Google Reviews.   What Are Google Reviews? Google Reviews are essentially testimonials about a particular business, hosted on Google’s platform. They show up when your business shows up in a Google search on the right side of your browser window. Google Reviews provides an average star ranking, number of reviews, as [...]

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Make Your Presentation Stand Out

Want to Make Your Presentation Stand Out? Are you a sales executive making a big pitch to a potential client? Presenting for your company at an industry-related conference? Whatever the case, you want to create a presentation that people will remember. That being said, the presenter's entertainment value and public speaking skills are a large factor in the entire presentation experience. Still, the visuals that pair up with the presentation are just as vital to a memorable performance. Here are [...]

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Tips for Great T-Shirt Design

Tips for Great T-Shirt Design Designing a t-shirt for a client (or yourself)? Time to roll up your sleeves and get to work…  right after you read our tips for designing shirts that you and/or your client will never want to take off! Sizing When it comes to t-shirt designs, it’s important to keep the size of your design on the shirt at an appropriate size. For starters, a design that is too large is going to be distracting and [...]

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Dark Mode Design: Come to the Dark Side

Come to the Dark Side…. Recently, digital designers have “gone to the dark side,” so to speak. A new design trend, dark mode, has become increasingly popular. What is it? Why is it used? And what are the pros and cons? We have the answers. What is Dark Mode? Dark mode is an alternative visual representation of an interface. Take Twitter for example. Users have the option to view the app in a day/light mode, or a night/dark mode. In [...]

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EMAIL ETIQUETTE FOR CREATIVES   Texting, Snapchatting, and Facetiming – these all make emails seem like a blast from the past. However, in the professional realm, emails are still one of the top forms of communication. Because we’ve generally become more casual with our methods of communication, it’s important to take a step back and make sure our messages stay professional in a professional setting. It is definitely challenging to switch gears from texting friends and family, to writing out [...]

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THE 411 ON INSTAGRAM STORIES & HIGHLIGHTS   New to the Instagram world and need to catch up? We’ve got you covered. New features like Instagram stories and highlights may seem daunting, but can actually be a lot of fun, and ultimately attract more followers.   So, what are Instagram Stories? Instagram stories are a relatively new feature for Instagram users, and have come a long way since their entry to the platform in 2016. Stories are a great way [...]

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Marketing Ideas for the Holidays 'Tis the season to do some holiday marketing for your company! Here are some seasonal marketing ideas show that your brand is happy to be a part of the holiday cheer:   Advent Calendar An advent calendar is a great starting point for marketing ideas. For example, a cosmetics company could mail out a scratch-off advent calendar. Each day, customers could scratch off to reveal beauty tips, hacks, etc. On the last day, there would [...]

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